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Software developer    Jericho B. Fenix

Job description
System Engineer
Working days
5 days/week (Sat & Sun: Holiday)

The reason why you have decided to work in Japan

Japan design is very high-tech especially in automotive. I want to gain more experience & skill in the design & management. Since Japanese have good methodology and techniques, it improves my skill by working together & directly communicating with them. In addition, Japan is very near in Philippines so it is not difficult to go back home during vacation.

How do you spend your time after work and on holidays?

I enjoy watching anime, reading manga and hanging out with friends to enjoy party or go window shopping to check latest gadget in the market.

When do you feel your work is interesting or worthwhile job?

I receive good salary and accommodation. There is also overtime payment. And I also enjoy my work in my current company that I’m outsourced. My leaders appreciate my work & they allow me to participate in big company meetings & also with the customer. They gave me a responsibility in my job which makes you feels important and part of the team.

What is your goal or dream?

I would like to continue working in Japan and raise a family here because Japan is clean & safe country. And also to continue to improve my skills that could help my country in the future.

Staff's Voice

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